Winter checklist for snowbirds

Fall is here and in light of recent weather events that have made the headlines, it makes sense to ensure a happy home coming in the spring by doing everything possible to safeguard your home from winter weather and theft.  Here are a few suggestions:

Check all gutters, down pipes and drains for any damage or debris which can cause blockages.

Winterize outside taps and sprinkler systems.

Place deadlock bolts on all external doors.

Place locking pin or wooden batons in sliding patio doors and windows.

Replace light bulbs on exterior security lights.

Disconnect automatic garage door opener and secure the garage manually.

Remove the spare house key kept under the front door mat or plant pot!


Shut off the water at the mains (and also in the street).

Turn off hot water tank at breaker or turn down to “vacation” setting. Is it strapped in case of earthquake?

Have the furnace serviced and turn off pilot lights for gas fires.

Turn off the ice-maker on the fridge.

Unplug all unnecessary appliances such as toaster, kettle, microwave.

Leave washing machine door open to prevent mold or mildew.

Replace batteries on smoke and CO detectors.

Take photograph inventory of all valuables and keep at separate location.

Ensure someone reliable is checking your home regularly, in accordance with your home insurance requirements.


This is just a brief outline of suggestions; there is much more you can do for your peace of mind. For more information please feel free to contact us by email or phone. Happy vacation!